Front Lower Control Arm Skid Plates (Pair)

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These durable, 3/16-inch plate steel Skids offer unbeatable protection for the underside of your Jeep. Go further off-road and free yourself from worry with this easy-to-install skid plate. Maneuver over rocks you may not have dared before, and obliterate off-road obstacles with ease knowing that Rough Country has your control arms covered. With many off-road hazards, your vehicle is always prone to slide, smash, grind, or bang against the terrain before you. Our Control Arm Skids give extra protection where it counts, ensuring a longer lifespan for your arms and helping avoid costly damages!

With Rough Country's JK Armor you can shield your Jeep for a fraction of the cost other manufacturers charge!

Rough Country's Front Lower Control Arm Skid Plates (Pair) - 792